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Feisty Girls and Spirited Women
2004, 28 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W05854
Are tomboys tamed once they grow up? This lively and inspiring documentary explodes that archaic myth with the stories of proud tomboys of all ages: African-American teenager Jay Gillespie; Massachusetts firefighter Tracy Driscoll, lesbian artist Nancy Brooks Brody and the inimitable political activist Doris Haddock, aka “Granny D”, whose walk across America in support of campaign finance reform has gained global attention. Interviews with these feisty women are intercut with personal photographs and archival footage to celebrate tomboys of all ages. Exploring the myriad ways gender identity is constructed from a very young age, TOMBOYS makes the connections between rebel girl and spirited women gloriously clear. With additional commentary by girls’ studies pioneer Carol Gilligan, these tales of energy and enterprise are a revelation to us all.


Long Island Gay and Lesbian FF, Audience Award

  • Brattleboro Women’s Film Festival
  • Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival
  • Northampton Independent Film Festival
  • Go Girls! at Symphony Space

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    “An excellent video not only for the general public but also for those who work with girls and young people. It emphasizes the importance of diversity and the value of encouraging all children to explore who they are and who they want to be."
    Molly Robinson
    Smith College

    "Elicits laughter, tears and deep satisfaction. It is perfect for use in high school and college classes."
    Arlene Avakian
    Professor of Women’s Studies, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

    Recommended for junior high through college students.”
    Educational Media Reviews Online

    “A rambunctious documentary that gets to the heart of the matter by talking with ‘tomboys’ of all ages and what it feels like to be embodied, lively, and full of themselves”
    Lyn Mikel Brown
    Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Colby College

    “Well-constructed, uplifting, and wholly inspiring… valuable for secondary schools as well as college women’s studies, psychology, and gender studies courses.”
    Catherine Preston
    Department of Theatre and Film, University of Kansas

    “…offers insights into the ways that spirited women have defied convention. The film should empower girls and hearten those who dare to be different.”
    School Library Journal

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