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Love, Honour & Disobey
A film by Faction Films, Directed by Saeeda Khanum
UK, 2005, 61 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W06902
Domestic violence in all forms—from physical abuse to forced marriages to honour killings—continues to be frighteningly common worldwide and accepted as “normal” within too many societies. Getting to the heart of current multicultural debates, LOVE, HONOUR, & DISOBEY reveals the issues around domestic violence in Britain’s black and ethnic minority communities through the eyes of the Southall Black Sisters, a small group of women who have been working to combat abuse for more than 25 years.

This powerful documentary combines chilling testimony from those abused with a forceful analysis of the issues that make domestic violence an even more difficult experience for minority women, who generally wait longer to report abuse and seek help. Also astutely examined are the roles of culturally sensitive policing, religious fundamentalism and the attitudes of minority communities themselves in continuing to endanger the lives of many women. This important film is essential viewing for those who wish to further their understanding of domestic violence within ethnic minority communities, including teachers, social workers, police, lawyers, health workers and other professionals working in this realm.


  • Femmes en Resistance Film Festival
  • Ladyfest, Chicago, IL

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    “Insightful and thorough in delineating the social and cultural pathology of domestic violence. Love, Honor, and Disobey stresses that while culture issues contribute to violent crime, these cannot ever be used as excuses to acquit the perpetrators of these actions. Recommended.”
    Educational Media Reviews Online

    “A gripping film celebrating the courage of women who have fought against all odds to assert their human right to a life free from violence and the threat of violence."
    Lis Martin
    Senior Programmes and Policy Manager, Womankind

    “Illustrate[s] how cultural traditions can promote patriarchal power patterns that play a role in abuse… Recommended for women’s rights collections.”
    Video Librarian

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