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Searching 4 Sandeep
A film by Poppy Stockell
Australia, 2007, 56 minutes, Color, DVD, English, Subtitled (Punjabi Dialect)
Order No. W0953
Single, frustrated, and lonely in the middle of Sydney’s thriving gay community, director Poppy Stockell decides to “research” a light-hearted look at the lesbian Internet-dating scene. To her surprise and delight, she forges a deep online connection with an English woman, Sandeep Virdi. When their innocent flirtation turns into true attachment, Poppy sends Sandeep a camcorder and viewers watch as Poppy and Sandeep’s virtual relationship blooms into a poignant love complicated by the reality that Sandeep is Sikh, lives at home with her conservative family, and has kept her sexuality a secret.

Humorous and thoughtful, Searching 4 Sandeep explores the collision of love and ethnic, religious, and sexual identity. Filmmaker Stockell raises serious questions about a new kind of global romance at odds with the cultural, social, and geographical distances between people. Will Sandeep’s family overcome their homophobia? Will the star-crossed lovers surmount the obstacles separating them? Through raw, incredibly frank footage, Searching 4 Sandeep follows the couple’s tumultuous relationship across two years, and three continents, in a touching examination of sexuality, religion, globalization, and culture seen through the lens of this uniquely modern love story.


Sydney Film Festival, World Movies Channel Award
WOW (World of Women), Best Documentary and Audience Award

  • Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
  • EROS Film Festival, CT
  • Conneticut Gay & Lesbian FF
  • Portland's Queer Film Festival
  • Reel Affirmations
  • Engendered Transnational Arts & Human Rights Film Festival
  • 3rd I San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival
  • Hot Docs Int'l Documentary Film Festival
  • Melbourne Int'l Film Festival
  • Brisbane Int'l Film Festival
  • Outfest
  • Newfest: The NY LBGT Film Festival
  • BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Melbourne Queer Film Festival Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival
  • Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

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    “A raw, captivating journey between two women of divergent backgrounds… [portraying] the joys, fears, and struggles of human connection and love in the digital age…. The viewer has no choice but to cheer them on.”
    Dr. Lori Horvitz, Ph.D.
    Assoc. Professor of Literature & Language, UNC-Asheville

    “Truly timeless story. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight ally audiences alike will be able to relate to this universal documentary about two people whose love for each other can cross both cultures and oceans.”
    Jody M. Huckaby
    National Executive Dir., Parents, Families, & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG)

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