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Ulrike Ottinger - Nomad from the Lake
Die Nomaden Vom See
A film by Brigitte Kramer
Germany, 2012, 86 minutes, Color, DVD, German, Subtitled
Order No. W131096
This intimate personal portrait of Ulrike Ottinger, a unique, influential voice in women’s cinema for over four decades, begins at the lakeside city of Constance, where she was born and started her career. Describing key moments in her life, including the impact of student protests in Paris and her move from painting to filmmaking, Kramer traces Ottinger’s artistic development. Excerpts from her films, notably Madame X; Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Yellow Press; Johana d’Arc of Mongolia; and documentaries shot in Asia (recently released by WMM), explore her luxuriant cinematic style combining fact and fiction in opulent, idiosyncratic images. Interviews with collaborators and friends offer further insights into Ottinger’s singular body of work. A richly rewarding close-up of the woman director who, along with Margarethe von Trotta and Helke Sander, helped launch New German Cinema on world screens, ULRIKE OTTINGER—NOMAD FROM THE LAKE is an indispensable companion for any Ottinger film.


  • Berlinale Panorama
  • Athena Film Festival
  • Jerusalem Film Festival
  • ZagrebDox Documentary Film Festival
  • International Art Film Festival, Tel Aviv
  • Shanghi TV Fest
  • Queer Film Festival Bremen
  • Biberacher FilmFest
  • GenderBender Festival Bologna
  • Kinemathek Hamburg
  • Filmclub Xenx, Zürich
  • Filmshau BW Stuttgart
  • Festival Internacional Documentais Play Doc Pontevedra
  • LGBT Festival, Barcelona
  • Int’l Festival of Films on Art (FIFA), Montreal
  • Filmmuseum Frankfurt
  • Filmvorstellung Wiesbaden

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    "One of the leading German and worldwide avant-garde filmmakers... The subjects of her films, be they historical or imaginary figures, are always portrayed from a feminine perspective which constantly opens up into other worlds."
    GenderBender Festival, Bologna

    "Ottinger seamlessly convenes imagination with reality in her unique style of storytelling, and it is this ease in combining forms, along with her adventurous curiosity, that cements her place in art cinema"
    Sherul Mousley
    Curator, Walker Art Center

    "Deliriously sumptuous and transgressive, Ulrike Ottinger 's world can hardly be confused with humdrum reality. Watching her films is like traveling through an undiscovered country of marvels, a journey alternately dazzling, infuriating, hilarious, and rewarding.”
    Village Voice

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