Black Women of Brazil

Mulheres Negras

Directed by Silvana Afram

Brazil | 1986 | 25 minutes | Color | DVD | Voiceover | Order No. 99315


Despite official jargon to the contrary, Brazilians live in a racially segregated class system. This upbeat, sensitive and elegantly composed documentary, produced by Lilith Video Collective, looks at the ways Black women have coped with racism while validating their lives through their own music and religion.


“An indispensable video work for any Latin American program.”

Beatriz Viera Neighborhood Film Project


Silvana Afram

Silvana Afram is a writer, director and video artist who lives and operates out of Sao Paulo, Brazil and has been working since 1983. She has been involved in various national and international festivals and exhibitions and has also given video workshops in Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Afram works on relations between different signifiers, both verbal and non-verbal. She has been awarded many times for her work including: 3e Festival Latino Américain de vidéo à Quito; Festival international du nouveau cinéma et de la vidéo de Montréal; Video Mulher de Brasili; Festival da Terra de Sao Paulo. In addition to her film work, Afram also dedicates her time to involvement in AIDs prevention campaigns aimed at women and is a researcher and editor for magazines and community groups. (01/20)


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