Honored by the Moon

A film by Mona Smith

1990 | 15 minutes | Color | DVD | Order No. 99070


In this upbeat and empowering film, Native American lesbians and gay men speak of their unique historical and spiritual role. Within the Native American community, homosexuality was traditionally associated with the power to bridge worlds. Interviews with leading activists and personal testimony attest to the positive and painful experiences of being Native and gay. Produced by Smith (Dakota) for the Minnesota American Indian AIDS Task Force to raise issues of homophobia within the Indian community, this ground-breaking documentary is also an important contribution to culturally sensitive discussions of homosexuality.


“Especially worthwhile. Poetic and thought-provoking.”

Library Journal

“**** An excellent starting point for discussion. The technical quality is superior and the subjects are articulate and interesting.”

ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide


Mona Smith

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