Deeyah Khan’s MUSLIM IN TRUMP’S AMERICA Wins a Peabody Award!

Congratulations to WMM filmmaker Deeyah Khan (dir. WHITE RIGHT) for winning a Peabody Award for her new documentary MUSLIM IN TRUMP’S AMERICA, which she produced for ITV’s BAFTA-winning Exposure current affairs strand to investigate the recent rise in anti-Muslim hate groups, conspiracy theories and hate crimesDeploying her uniquely intimate filming style, Deeyah Khan seeks to get to the heart of the Muslim experience – providing a vivid insight into their experience of alienation, rejection and the daily struggles of keeping faith with both Islam and the American Dream. 

The film will soon be available to screen and purchase from Women Make Movies under the title MUSLIM IN AMERICA: TRUMP’S LEGACY OF FEAR. 

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Watch Keith Ellison present MUSLIM IN TRUMP’S AMERICA with a Peabody Award below.
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