Abby Moser  

Abby Moser spent most of the 1990s documenting and writing about the feminist punk movement Riot Grrrl. The film that came out of this footage and her own participation in the movement, "Grrrl Love and Revolution: Riot Grrrl NYC", premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC in March 2011. She is currently producing a documentary about Hope House, a program that brings children and their dads who are in prison together through summer camps at prisons, video teleconferencing, and literacy projects. She has taught documentary filmmaking at the Catholic University of America, the College of Staten Island, the Educational Video Center, and the Downtown Community Television Center in New York City. She has a M.A. from New York University in Culture and Media Studies. She has a M.A. from New York University in Culture and Media Studies, and currently teaches at The Catholic University of America. (2/12)

Available Title(s):

Grrrl Love and Revolution: Riot Grrrl NYC

A film by Abby Moser, 2011, 42 min, Color

Fed up with the calcification of punk into a male-dominated, misogynistic and increasingly mainstream movement, the birth of Riot Grrrl inthe late 1980s brought together feminism and pop culture in an empowering, noisy union. The angry music of Riot Grrrl bands such as Bikini Kill and Bratmobile became a creative outlet to confront issues too…

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