Amanda Lukoff  

Amanda Lukoff worked for many years in communications-related positions in the non-profit and private sector, as well as doing on-camera and voice-over work, before deciding to focus her energy and passion on film and TV production. In 2010, Amanda and her husband Danny founded Thorough Productions, a full-service production company based out of the DC metro area. In recent years, Amanda has broadened her scope of work to include directing, producing, and writing for clients in television, business and non-profit, with a special focus on work highlighting marginalized communities.

Available Title(s):

The R-Word

A film by Amanda Lukoff, 2020, 65 min, Color

Filmmaker Amanda Lukoff grew up advocating for her sister Gabrielle, especially whenever she heard the word ‘retard(ed),’ which was far too often. The disparaging word is everywhere – in TV, movies, music, social media, and throughout our public and private communities -- perpetuating negative stereotypes and cultural bias. THE R-WORD is a humanizing, purposeful, and…

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