Angela Sanders  

Angela Sanders, visual anthropologist and videomaker, studied at the Universities of Zurich and Edinburgh. At present, the main focus of her research is on the living and working conditions of Moroccan women who work as ”domesticas” (housemaids) in Andalusia and Northern Morocco (Ceuta, Melilla). In addition to Europlex, Sanders has made films such as Irina, a portrait of a Ukrainian migrant woman in the south of Spain and Domestic Scapes, an insight into the daily life of Moroccan domestic workers in Sevilla and in the Spanish enclaves Ceuta & Melilla. She publishes on a regular basis and has written a number of articles on the subject of gender, identity, film, and media. Sanders is also on the editorial team at FRAZ, a Swiss feminist magazine, where she recently produced an issue on the Mediterranean. (09/09)

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A film by Angela Sanders, 2003, 20 min, Color

The fourth in Ursula Biemann's critically acclaimed series of video essays that investigates migration across borders, EUROPLEX, a collaboration with Angela Sanders, tracks the daily, sometimes illicit, border crossings between Morocco and Spain- a rare intersection of the first and third worlds. Paying off officials to look the other way, workers smuggle contraband across the…

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