Catha Maslow  

Catha Maslow started to work on the "Abortion film," what they originally called ABORTION AND WOMEN’S RIGHTS 1970, after dropping out of a PhD program for a Master's degree in psychology. Although she had a life-long interest in understanding human nature, and was grateful to be able to study at Brandeis with her cousin Abraham Maslow during his last years of teaching, she found the anti-war, women’s and spiritual movements much more compelling at that time. For the two years after finishing the film, she was part of a consciousness-raising women’s group. In 1973, she moved from Boston to Warwick, NY to live in a community involved in spiritual development based on the ideas of Gurdjieff. There she met her husband David, an artist, and they had two sons, who both married and had children. Continuing her education, she studied family therapy and hypnosis and received a Masters of Social Work. She worked as a beloved therapist until her death in 2015. (3/23)

Available Title(s):

Abortion and Women's Rights 1970

A film by Catha Maslow, 2023, 28 min, B/W

Abortion and Women’s Rights 1970 is the first documentary ever made about supporting abortion rights in the United States. Now available for the first time digitally, this film, made by women activists in before the Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973, allows women to tell stories about their illegal abortions. White, Black, and Latino organizers…

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