Elliot Montague

Elliot Montague is a New York based experimental and narrative filmmaker. Montague received his BA at Hampshire College, majoring in Film and Video Studies and Production and his MFA in Film and Video from the University of California, San Diego. Montague’s work focuses on fluidity of bodies, complexities of familial relationships, and the role of language. Montague has taught for the Tribeca Film Institute and the Urban Arts Partnership in New York City as well as the Rockport Film College, the Maine Media Workshops, and the University of California, San Diego. His work includes "Brother," "WREST," "Sharp Stone Fly," "Mainstay," "Loveship," "Untitled Desert," "Well Dressed," "The Faces of Learning," "Stories from Hamipur," "Wait for Me, Diagnosis," "Gestures," "Fresh Blood," "Lola versus the Soda Machine," "Grandma," and "Bathroom Stories." His current project, "Maine, Arizona," is a feature length fictional development of his latest film "Well Dressed," a short essay film that interrogates bodies in transition, in particular those which are transgender and/or pregnant. Montague is currently a visiting lecturer in film production at Amherst College. His website is elliotmontague.com. (6/17)

Available Title(s):

Through the Skin

A film by Elliot Montague, 2002, 18 min., Color/BW
In this highly personal experimental autobiography, emerging filmmaker Elliot Montague presents a daring meditation on the experience and trauma of gr...

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