Jane Pincus

Jane Pincus’ anti-war and civil rights work during the 1960s segued organically into the growing second wave of the women’s movement in Cambridge, MA. While a mother of two young children, along with five other women she responded to the many voices asking for a film to be made about abortion and women’s rights. At the same time, she became one of the co-founders of the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, co-authoring the seminal women’s health book Our Bodies, Ourselves. Its 1970 Free Press edition was followed by at least nine more editions, and over the next fifty years, has been translated and adapted into thirty-six languages. Throughout these five decades, Jane has testified and advocated both for maternity health care and reform and for reproductive choice and justice, while pursuing her other practice as an artist at janepincus.com. She lives in a small town in central Vermont with her children and two of her three grandsons. (3/23)

Available Title(s):

Abortion and Women's Rights 1970

A film by Jane Pincus, 1970, 28 min, B/W

One of the first films ever made about the struggle for abortion rights, this powerful archival piece documents women’s voices from a pre-Roe v. Wade era. This unique film, available for the first time digitally, tells the story of two women's illegal abortions before the Supreme Court declared a constitutional right to abortion in Roe…

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