Janet Baus  

Janet Baus is a documentary film and television director, producer and editor. In 1993, she co-directed LESBIAN AVENGERS EAT FIRE TOO with Su Friedrich, about activist group the Lesbian Avengers. In 2003 she produced John Scagliotti's film DANGEROUS LIVING: COMING OUT IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD about gay and lesbian people in non-Western countries. She had worked with Scagliotti before, having a co-producer credit on his 1999 film AFTER STONEWALL. Her 2006 film CRUEL AND UNUSUAL, co-directed with Dan Hunt and Reid Williams, was a documentary about pre-operative male-female transsexual women in men's prisons. It won the Michael J. Berg Documentary Award at the 2006 Frameline Film Festival and the Freedom Award at L.A. Outfest. Baus has also won the Cine Golden Eagle, the Vito Russo Award, the Chicago International Television Award and the Gold Aurora Award. (8/14)

Available Title(s):

Some Ground To Stand On

A film by Janet Baus, 1998, 35 min, Color

This compelling documentary tells the life story of Blue Lunden, a working class lesbian activist whose odyssey of personal transformation parallels lesbians’ changing roles over the past 40 years. Starting with Blue’s experience of being run out of the 1950’s New Orleans gay bar scene for wearing men’s clothing, SOME GROUND TO STAND ON combines…

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