Joan Sadoff  

Joan Sadoff, (1938-2019), was, for most of her professional career, a clinical social worker in hospitals, schools, family agencies and community settings. On a national and international level, she lectured to academic, professional and community organizations on the subject of societal change in the family, on which she was a leading authority. Joan was often interviewed as an expert on these issues on television and participated in over 5,000 interviews including survivors of the Holocaust and their families. In 1992, after watching a PBS program about discimination against African Americans, Joan and her husband, Robert, followed the Freedom Trail through the deep south, talking with locals and eventually returning with a camera crew. The footage was eventually put together in a film titled Standing on my Sister’s Shoulders and it was the first of two documentaries about the American Civil Rights movement that Joan and Robert produced. (11/19)

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Standing on My Sisters' Shoulders

A film by Joan Sadoff, 2002, 60 min, Color/BW

In 1965, when three women walked into the US House of Representatives in Washington D.C., they had come a very long way. Neither lawyers nor politicians, they were ordinary women from Mississippi,and descendants of African slaves. They had come to their country’s capital seeking civil rights, the first black women to be allowed in the…

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