Merel Beernink  

Merel Beernink finished her Theatre School (Eindhoven) in 1995. After seven years directing plays she turned to directing documentaries. For Dutch public broadcaster AVRO Beernek created three series of portraits of photographers entitled Hollands Zicht (Dutch Vision). Beernink's first full-length documentary follows the stories of three Dutch women who have recently converted to Islam. THAT PARADISE WILL BE MINE delves into the personal lives of these women to discover their motivations and consequences. (8/14)

Available Title(s):

That Paradise Will Be Mine

A film by Merel Beernink, 2005, 54 min, Color

Why would a woman in one of the most liberal Western European countries choose to become a Muslim and faithfully follow the demands of her new conviction – including wearing the veil? This eye-opening film follows the lives of three women dealing with the consequences of their choice to convert to Islam. Rather than pressing…

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