Rachel Meyrick  

Rachel Meyrick has been a film editor for 20 years. She began in her editing career working with Sam Sneade in commercials and after editing two feature films decided to become freelance to work on commercials and documentaries. She has edited long form documentaries for Keo Films, directed commercials for Rovi for the US and Cancer Research UK, created and documented a film school for kids in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Her journey from ultra high budget films to low budget charity films and documentaries reflects her need to use her film making to make visible those in need on the further edges of society. Rachel recently edited a feature documentary for Jason Barker called A DEAL WITH THE UNIVERSE, funded by the BFI and released by Peccadillo Pictures 2019.

Rachel's first film as director (and producer, editor, etc) is WHAT DOESN'T KILL ME won Activism Award at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles 2017. (7/19)

Available Title(s):

What Doesn't Kill Me Domestic Violence and the Battle for Custody

A film by Rachel Meyrick, 2017, 82 min, Color

Every day, 5 million children in the U.S. either witness or are victims of domestic violence. In the current system, a judge is more likely to award child custody to the violent father if the mother tries to escape the abusive relationship. In fact, fathers win up to 70 percent of contested cases even when…

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