Shaheen Haq  (Producer)

Shaheen Haq is a Sundance Institute alumna and CEO at Kali8 Productions and Kali Films, where she produced the documentary ALICE WALKER: BEAUTY IN TRUTH (2014) for ITVS and PBS | American Masters and the BBC. The film won several awards including the Napa Valley Film Festival Jury Award and the Newark Black Film Festival Paul Robeson Award. It premiered at The Grand Lake Theatre, Oakland, CA, and had its UK premiere at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. Shaheen is both a creative and hands-on producer, involved in structuring international co-productions and raising finance, to all aspects of production, post-production and distribution.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Shaheen was born in East London to Pakistani parents who had left Pakistan as economic refugees. She has collaborated with Pratibha Parmar as Production Designer on her films, notably EMERGENCE, SARI RED, KHUSH, A PLACE OF RAGE, WARRIOR MARKS, and MY NAME IS ANDREA. (2/24)

Available Title(s):

My Name Is Andrea

A film by Shaheen Haq, 2022, 91 min, Color

MY NAME IS ANDREA, directed by award-winning filmmaker Pratibha Parmar (ALICE WALKER: BEAUTY IN TRUTH, WARRIOR MARKS, A PLACE OF RAGE, KUSH, and more) is a hybrid feature documentary about one of the most controversial figures of the 20th century. Andrea Dworkin offered a revolutionary analysis of male supremacy with a singular urgency and iconoclastic…

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