Independent Film Distributors

1091 Pictures
1091 is a global commercial distribution platform for content creators. From the team who released films including What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, American Animals, The Hero, We the Animals, The Overnight, Birds of Passage, Cartel Land, Life, Animated and The Dawn Wall. 

Arab Film Distribution
ArtMattan Productions distributes films that focus on the human experience of black people in Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe.

ArtMattan Productions 
ArtMattan Productions distributes films that focus on the human experience of black people in Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe.

Bullfrog Films
Bullfrog Films is the oldest and largest publisher of videos and films about the environment in the United States.

California Newsreel
California Newsreel has over the years focused on developing media and audiences in order to broaden and deepen the discussion of selected social issues.

Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc. 
Cambridge Documentary Film distributes social issue documentary work to colleges, universities, churches, business organizations, community and religious groups, and individuals around the world.

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
CFMDC is at the epicenter of a specialized local, national and international marketplace for artist-driven film and media art and is constantly evolving with creative new models of integrated distribution, collaboration and curatorial practices for the sector.

Canyon Cinema
One of the world’s leading distributors of experimental and independent film, Canyon is an artist-run organization dedicated to the support, promotion, distribution and preservation of motion picture film as an art form. 

The Cinema Guild
A for-profit distributor representing a wide variety of independently produced films and videos, documentary and fiction, features and shorts, in all markets, including theatrical, semi-theatrical, television and home video.

Cinephil is an international sales and advisory firm with a strong reputation for securing distribution, broadcasting and financing deals for documentaries from around the world on behalf of producers and directors.

Collective Eye Films 
Collective Eye is an educational film distribution company which represents compelling films that build bridges between cultures and provide unique perspectives by exploring the untold stories of our time.

Documentary Educational Resources
Documentary Educational Resources distributes, produces, and supports ethnographic and documentary media that fosters cross-cultural understanding and empathy, and prioritizes underrepresented voices.

Electronic Arts Intermix
A resource for art videos and alternative media, EAI’s collection spans an eclectic range of genres, styles, and themes, from performance-based and conceptual works to experimental narratives and CD-ROM projects.

Facets Multimedia, Inc.
Facets Multimedia is an arts organization based in Chicago, Illinois.  Facets also has the world’s largest collection of foreign, classic American, independent, experimental, documentary, cult, fine arts, and children’s videos and DVDs.

The Film Collaborative
The Film Collaborative is the first non-profit committed to distribution education and facilitation of independent film. TFC offers filmmakers services such as fiscal sponsorship, education about distribution, and distribution and marketing service

Films for the Humanities and Sciences 
The largest distributor of videos and CD-ROMs to schools, colleges, and libraries in North America. Represents every genre and style, but primary focus is documentaries. 

Films Media Group
With thousands of educational videos from the world’s most recognized producers, Films Media Group serves the needs of schools, colleges, libraries, the medical community, and other institutions with the broadest and deepest range of content available.

First Run/Icarus Films, Inc 
First Run remains one of the largest independent distributors in North America, releasing between 15-20 films a year in theaters nationwide and an additional 30-40 films annually to schools, libraries and other educational institutions; on home video on DVD and Blu-Ray; to television broadcasters; and online through a diverse group of innovative digital partners.

Frameline’s mission is to change the world through the power of queer cinema. As a media arts nonprofit, Frameline’s programs connect filmmakers and audiences in the Bay Area and around the world.

Good Docs
GOOD DOCS represents established documentarians and passionate new filmmakers driven by their experiences as educators, academics, journalists, artists, social workers, community members, and activists. GOOD DOCS films and the GOOD TALKS speaker series offer powerful educational experiences to students and communities everywhere.

Grasshopper Film
Founded in 2015, Grasshopper Film is a distribution company dedicated to the release of independent, foreign, and documentary film.

Icarus Films
Since 1978, Icarus Films has been a distributor of documentary films in North America. Led by longtime president Jonathan Miller, they work with independent producers worldwide to release 30-50 new films a year, and represent a collection of well over 1,000 titles.

Juno Films
Juno Films specializes in the development and execution of bespoke finance and distribution strategies on behalf of producers and filmmakers.

Kino Lorber
Kino Lorber, Inc. offers contemporary, classic and documentary films that aim to engage, provoke, stimulate, and entertain today’s audiences.

Lightdox is passionate about high-quality author-driven documentaries with a distinctive cinematic language and emotional impact.

Media Education Foundation
The Media Education Foundation produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources to inspire critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media.

Menemsha Films
Menemsha Films, founded in 1998, is dedicated to distributing the highest-quality art house films, hand-picked from around the globe.

Milestone Films
The Milestone Film and Video collection ranges from the earliest days of cinema, to the golden age of the silents, to the postwar foreign film renaissance, to the new America independent features, documentaries and foreign films.

Music Box Films
Music Box Films is dedicated to curating a diverse repertoire of films and television from around the world and engaging audiences with exciting alternatives to mainstream entertainment.

The National Center for Jewish Film
NCJF’s ongoing mission is the collection, preservation and exhibition of films with artistic and educational value relevant to the Jewish experience and the dissemination of these materials to the widest possible audience.

New Day Films 
New Day Films is a unique, filmmaker-run distribution company, providing award-winning films to educators, community groups, government agencies, public libraries and businesses since 1971.

Noodlehead Network 
Distributors and producers of videos made with kids. Specialize in videos on geography, video production, health and guidance issues for K-12 schools. 

Paper Tiger Television
A weekly public access series that analyzes and critiques issues involving media, culture, and politics.

Passion River Films
Passion River Films is a film distributor specializing in films that engage with audiences and impact communities. They handle distribution to theaters, VOD, home video, and to academic and digital markets.

The home video arm of PBS promotes PBD programming via direct-to-consumer distribution services that include: shopPBS, the PBS Home Video catalog, on-air direct response sales, and third-party catalog and special market outlets. 

Phoenix Learning Group
The Phoenix Film and Video media library contains over 5,500 educational videos plus DVDs, CD-ROMs. Laserdiscs, and multi-media programs for K-12 schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, museums, business & industry, staff development and other specialized markets.

Roco Films Educational
ro*co films is a distributor with an educational division aimed at bringing compelling real-life stories to schools, libraries, and other instructional environments across the country.

Ruth Films
Ruth Films represents artistically excellent and compelling works that address arts & culture, history, Jewish content, Middle East topics and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Seventh Art Releasing 
Seventh Art Releasing distributes unique independent and foreign films of the highest quality with a focus on documentaries

Strand Releasing
Founded in 1989, Strand Releasing distributes foreign language, American independent, and documentary films in the U.S. in theaters, on DVD/Blu-Ray and via Video-On-Demand.

SubCine is an artist-run and artist-owned collective of Latino issue film and video makers.

Terra Nova Films
Terra Nova Films is a non-profit dedicated to the production, distribution, and presentation of films and videos that help us all understand and navigate life in its later years.

Third World Newsreel 
A nonprofit media arts organization that fosters the creation and dissemination of independent film and video made by and about people of diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Also work with social justice media.

Video Data Bank 
 A nonprofit that has assembled and distributes one of the largest collections of videos by and about artists to museums, galleries, alternative spaces, festivals, and in curricular programming.  

Vision Films
Founded in 1997 and based in Marina Del Rey, CA, Vision Films is an independent worldwide Distributor of Feature Films, Documentary Specials, TV Series, and Music Programming.

V Tape 
Vtape is a Canadian artist-run, not-for-profit distributor of video art and media works. Featuring over 5,000 video works by more than 1,000 artists, Vtape’s diverse collection includes Canadian and international works from the early 1970s to the present.

Women Make Movies 
WMM’s collection of nearly 700 films is used by thousands of cultural, educational and community organizations across North America and throughout the world. WMM works in collaboration with international film festivals, national broadcasters, and local community groups to deliver media that enriches public dialogue and changes lives.

Zeitgeist Films
Since 1988, Zeitgeist Films has accumulated a collection of the best international cinema by working with the most talented and innovative filmmakers in the world.  Zeitgeist Films is a North American independent film distribution company based in New York.


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