Sheffield DocFest Announces Lineup: 13 WMM Films and Filmmakers Premiering and Pitching

Sheffield International Documentary Festival, the UK’s leading documentary festival, just announced its lineup, and 13 WMM films and filmmakers are premiering and pitching.

Four films made with the support of WMM’s Production Assistance Program are premiering:

  • AN ARMY OF WOMEN – Directed by Julie Lunde Lillesæter. Produced by Natalya Sarch, Arne Dahr, Julie Lunde Lillesæter; International Premiere
  • MADE IN ETHIOPIA – Directed by Xinyan Yu, Max Duncan. Produced by Tamara Dawit, Xinyan Yu, Max Duncan; International Premiere
  • SUGARCANE – Directed by Julian Brave NoiseCat, Emily Kassie. Produced by Kellen Quinn, Emily Kassie; European Premiere
  • THE BOY AND THE SUIT OF LIGHTS – Directed by  Inma de Reyes. Produced by Aimara Reques / Aconite Productions; World Premiere

UNION, co-directed by PA Alum Brett Story (and Stephen Maing; prod. Brett Story, Stephen Maing, Samantha Curley, Mars Verrone, Martin Dicicco) will have its UK premiere.

Additionally, 8 projects supported by our Production Assistance Program are participating in The Sheffield DocFest MeetMarket. The MeetMarket is one of the world’s largest documentary markets, offering selected projects the opportunity to meet with over 150 international industry representatives, including funders, broadcasters, and distributors. It is open to documentary makers of all levels and projects in various formats, except for completed works that have already premiered or short films under 40 minutes. The event includes curated meetings for project pitches, and those in the Rough Cut category also present previews to industry representatives.

Two of the five projects selected for the Rough Cut screenings, which will be screened to industry representatives and receive tailored feedback, are by WMM filmmakers: 

  • WILL THEY EVER COME BACK? A WMM Production Assistance Program film. Directed by Angela Carabal. Produced by Angela Carabal and Sandra Tabares-Duque (Sandelion Productions); and 
  • THE AGE OF WATER, Directed by Isabel Alcántara and Alfredo Alcántara. Produced by Michèle Stephenson (Program alum and WMM filmmaker, STATELESS) and Joe Brewster (Program alum), and Lindsay Perna.

Also participating in The Industry MeetMarket are the following projects supported by our Production Assistance Program:

  • THE CORD – Directed by Myriam Guillot. Produced by Estelle Robin You
  • VENA ACUÁTICA – Directed by Amada Torruella. Produced by Seth Gadsden, Brenda Avila-Hanna. Co-produced by María Luisa Santos
  • WAR ON WOMEN – Directed by Maris Salumets. Produced by Elina Litvinova. Co-produced by Tereza Nvotova
  • CONFESSIONS OF A FEMALE GAMER – Directed and Produced by Doyla Gavanski
The following projects from PA Alums will also participate in The MeetMarket:
  • GOOD MORNING AFGHANISTAN – Directed by Shogofa Sahar, Bruce Goodison. Produced by Kate Cook, Camilla Nielsson (Alum), Waseem Mahmood.
  • THE SHAPE OF BLUE – Directed by Sybilla Patrizia. Produced by Ina Fichman (Alum)

Sheffield DocFest runs from Wednesday 12 June – Monday 17 June 2024. The MeetMarket will take place on Thursday, June 13, and Friday, June 14 .

Congratulations to all of the Filmmakers!

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