THE FEELING OF BEING WATCHED, directed by Assia Boundaoui, was broadcast across the U.S. in October on PBS’s POV and then internationally in November on Al Jazeera’s Witness. The film is an Arab American filmmaker story as she uncovers the details of her community’s surveillance by the FBI long before 9/11.

Meanwhile, nearly three years into the legal battle for transparency, they’re at a monumental juncture: the judge has made an unprecedented ruling in Boundaoui vs FBI. He’s ordered FBI agents to appear in court in early 2020 to answer questions about the decades-long surveillance investigation of the Muslim community in Bridgeview, IL that is featured in the film.

Through every stage of the release, we’ve seen the critical importance of using the film to hold space for collective healing in communities traumatized by decades of government profiling and surveillance. Don’t miss the Community Screening Healing Guide created with the Muslim Wellness Foundation to help local facilitators guide the post-screening conversations.

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