WAGING CHANGE to Air on WORLD Channel this Labor Day

WMM release WAGING CHANGE (dir. Abby Ginzberg) will air on public media’s WORLD Channel this Labor Day (check local listings). This timely film shines a light on an American struggle hidden in plain sight: the women-led movement to end the federal tipped minimum wage for restaurant workers.  

After a year of pandemic-related job losses, restaurants are struggling to rehire workers amidst an industry-wide labor shortage across the country. The COVID-19 shut-down exposed a flawed wage and benefit structure for many in the service industries. Now, some restaurants are hoping to attract new hires with higher wages and greater protections. A New York Times article shares that the market “has helped hasten changes that restaurant workers pushed for during the shutdowns, including higher pay and better working conditions.”  

Now is a perfect time to watch WAGING CHANGE, which features Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others who have mobilized support for the movement and reveals the important role consumers must play in ending this two-tiered wage system.  

WAGING CHANGE is available to purchase, watch on Kanopy, and to book for screenings. Check local listings for airtimes. 

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