WMM Filmmakers Premiering New Films at DOC NYC 2021

We are thrilled to announce that six WMM filmmakers, from both our Production Assistance and Distribution programs, will be premiering new films at the DOC NYC 2021 festival!  

  • FAYA DAYA (dir. Jessica Beshir), which has been shortlisted by DOC NYC, is a journey into the rituals of khat, a leaf that Sufi Muslims have chewed for centuries for religious purposes and Ethiopia’s most lucrative cash crop.
  • THE BENGALI (dir. Kavery Kaul) tells the untold story of the ties between South Asians and African-Americans in the U.S. through one woman’s travels from a community in New Orleans to the city of her birth in Bengali, India. 
  • EXPOSURE (dir. Holly Morris) follows a team of women from the West and Arab World as they face many challenges together on their journey to reach climate change ground zero: The North Pole. 
  • SUBJECTS OF DESIRE (dir. Jennifer Holness) is a thought-provoking documentary about what it means to be Black and beautiful, and the role of representation that the media has played in creating an image of Black women in society. 
  • KRIMES (dir. Alysa Nahmias), artist Jesse Krimes secretly creates monumental works of art while incarcerated in federal prison. He smuggles out each panel piece-by-piece with the help of fellow artists, only to see the mural in totality upon coming home.  
  • F@CK THIS JOB (dir. Vera Krichevskaya) is a comedy about two newlyweds who start an independent TV station in Russia.

Also screening at DOC NYC are films from Production Assistance Program alum. Sam Pollard’s CITIZEN ASHE will premiere as the festival’s Centerpiece Screening, and BOYCOTT, a new film from program alum Sonia Kennebeck, will also premiere. Kennebeck’s new film UNITED STATES vs. REALITY WINNER will have its NYC premiere. 

This year’s festival will be taking place both in-person and online November 10-18, 2021. Join us in celebrating the achievements of WMM filmmakers, past and present! Purchase tickets here.  

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