WMM Filmmakers Named Two Of The 25 New Faces Of Independent Film!

We are excited to share that Filmmaker Magazine has recognized Jane M. Wagner and Sarah Friedland, directors of WMM-sponsored films BREAK THE GAME and FAMILIAR TOUCH respectively, as two of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film! Jane and Sarah were also interviewed about their careers as filmmakers and the story behind their inspiring documentaries.

BREAK THE GAME is part of the WMM Production Assistance Program, which supports independent women filmmakers. When Jane M. Wagner spotted trans speedrunner Narcissa Wright on YouTube, she knew she had found the subject for her first feature documentary. Narcissa’s strong online presence and long live streams gave Wagner a wide range of content to explore this virtual world. As a result, the documentary delves into the positives and negatives that come with a public life online, from transphobia to falling in love. 

FAMILIAR TOUCH is also part of our Production Assistance Program. As a choreographer and filmmaker, movement has always been at the center of Sarah Friedland’s projects; this one was no exception. Inspired by her grandmother, Friedland made a coming-of-age film exploring an old woman’s life in a care facility. Not only is it an emotional look into a stigmatized period of transformation, but also a reminder of the ageism attached to capitalism.

We appreciate Jane and Sarah’s long-lasting dedication to making films that matter. This achievement is well-deserved, and we’re proud to be a part of their journey. We’re sure there is more success to come!

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