WMM Panel Conversation with A WOMAN ON THE OUTSIDE, “Caring Collaborations”

One in four American women has a loved one who has been incarcerated. Given this, we are eager to create more conversation around the loved ones who are directly affected. We have teamed up with the team behind the award-winning documentary and WMM release, A WOMAN ON THE OUTSIDE (dir. Zara Katz and Lisa Riordan Seville) to present two important panel discussions.

The first panel, Caring Collaborations: What Social Workers Can Learn from Families Impacted by Incarceration, moderated by author and journalist Roxanna Asgarian, will be held on Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. EST and feature film participant Kristal Bush (former social worker, Criminal Justice, and Community Activist, and Founder, StayLyfted); Darlene Burke (founder and Executive Director, Ten Toes In); Xochitl Guerrero (Ph.D. Candidate & Adjunct Faculty Member, University of Illinois Jane Addams College Social Work, and the Prison+Neighborhood Arts/Education Project); and Angela Tucker (Author, Consultant, and Founder, The Adopted Life). This dialogue between justice-impacted families and social workers aims to move toward holistic engagement and preserve crucial kinship networks. A Q&A will follow the panel discussion. The award-winning filmmakers encourage panel goers to submit a question in advance but will also have the chat feature open for questions & discussion throughout the event.

The second panel, which will dive into the world of children of imprisoned families, will take place on Nov. 1, also at 7 pm EST. 

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