WMM Filmmakers Receive 2023 Chicken & Egg Research and Development Grants!

We are delighted to congratulate so many WMM filmmakers, alum, and those a part of our Production Assistance Program on the 2023 Chicken & Egg Pictures Research and Development Grant.
Four projects from WMM filmmakers each received a $10,000 Research Grant. WMM filmmaker Erika Cohn, dir. of BELLY OF THE BEAST, received the grant for a new project. Two films in the Production Assistance Program were awarded the grant: 1. Corine Shawi (dir. & prod.) | Nancy Sabbagh (prod.) | Lebanon ; and 2. Yoruba Richen (dir. & prod.) | Lacey Schwartz Delgado (dir. & prod.) | Mehret Mandefro (prod.), Kristi Jacobson (prod.) | United States, Ethiopia. And Production Assistance Program filmmaker Kenya Jade-Pinto received the grant for a new project.
The following films currently being made with the assistance of our PA program were awarded Developmental grants:
  • I AM MY GRANDMA’S DAUGHTER directed by Tatiana Fernández Geara and produced by Wendy P. Espinal
  • A BIT OF A STRANGER directed by Svitlana Lishchynska, and produced by Anna Kapustina and Alex Tondowski
  • THE GYMNASTS OF MACHAR COLONY directed by Habiba Nosheen and produced by Amar Lohana
  • KIDS LIKE ME co-directed by Cynthia Lowen & Jon Cohrs and produced by Jim LeBrecht
  • DISRUPTION directed by Sarvnik Kaur and produced by Quentin Laurent
  • MEMORIES OF AN OBLIVION directed by Carmen Castillo and produced by Camille Laemlé & Macarena Aguiló
  • UNTITLED 2 directed by Petra Costa
The Following WMM filmmakers received the developmental grant:

And, last but not, least, WORTH THE RISK (working title) directed by Sabaah Folayan, a producer of another project in our Production Assistance Program received a Developmental grant.

Congrats to all of these incredible filmmakers, and stay tuned for more news on how these films develop and where, how, and when to watch them!
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