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2 Or 3 Things But Nothing for Sure
1997, 12 minutes, Color, 16mm/DVD
Order No. W99556
Acclaimed author Dorothy Allison (BASTARD OUT OF CAROLINA) is profiled in this moving, inspiring film. Combining poetic imagery with powerful readings, it evokes Allison's childhood in the poor white American South of the 1950's, her birth as a writer and feminist, and her coming to terms with a family legacy of incest and abuse. A beautifully realized portrait of an artist and survivor, this stirring film provides important insights into the roots of self-renewal and creativity.


Emmy Nomination, Outstanding Doc Programming
Aspen Film Fest, Grand Jury Prize
Nat'l Edu Film & Video Fest, Silver Apple Award
San Francisco Int'l FF, Silver Spire Award
NY Gay and Lesbian FF, Best Short Film
Charlotte Film Festival, Juror's Choice Award
NY Expo of Short Film & Video, Bronze Award
Ann Arbor FF, Isabella Liddell Art Award
Windy City Int'l Doc FF, D-Vision Doc Award
Cleveland Int'l FF, Best Women's Short Film

  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Broadcast nationally in the US, the Netherlands, Poland, and England

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    "'Two Or Three Things But Nothing For Sure', by ex-San Franciscans Tina DiFeliciantonio and Jane C. Wagner, was a revelation. It shines a flashlight into the future of lyrical documentary with its brilliant portrait of S.F. novelist Dorothy Allison. Maybe PBS would consider skimming off 1 percent of the Ken Burns documentary franchise and give these two women a series to examine modern life. They tell us more about life and love and creativity in this one little short film than most features can manage."
    B. Ruby Rich
    San Francisco Bay Examiner

    "Poignant, concise, powerful. The harrowing and amazing trajectory of Dorothy Allison's life story--replete with its moments of brutality, self-realization, and healing--is beautifully expressed. Tina DiFeliciantonio and Jane C. Wagner use cinematic verve and gentle lyricism--not seen in enough documentaries--to provide a compelling glimpse into the life of someone who has triumphed over the chain of violence."
    Aspen Shortfest Jury's Statement

    "The powerful first-person narrative of acclaimed author Dorothy Allison ('Bastard Out of Carolina') is interwoven with evocative imagery. Dorothy speaks to many myths that continue to define the South. She is poor, white, Souther, bastard and lesbian. Her honesty and unrelenting memory are refreshingly direct; she is a survivor who understands the cost of survival. Throughout these painful stories, Dorothy retains a sense of humor and humility that is illuminating."
    Charlotte Film & Video Festival

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