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Gloria Bremer

A producer, director, and editor, Gloria recently produced "The Mis-Informant," a two-part spoof starring Jack Black as Nathan Spewman, an undercover misconception agent, or a liar for hire. She founded a larger awareness-raising campaign spun around the videos with HCAN. Gloria is currently in production on THE SUN IMAGINES DARKNESS, a feature-length documentary. The film explores how polarized definitions of good and evil result in both tragic and comic fallout through three remarkable storylines. Other recent collaborations include: THE FURIOUS FORCE OF RHYMES, a documentary exploring hip hop as a global voice of activism for Arte and the Smithsonian Channel; "Masters of the Muslim World," a survey of extraordinary musical artists, including KayhanKalhor and Mariem Hassan; and "Blueprint for Accountability: Working the Dark Side" with the Culture Project and LinkTV.

For a few years, Gloria could be found in cypress swamps, kelp forests, and quinzees making science television. She directed the pilot for "SciGirls," a series now on PBS Kids. Before that, she spent four seasons as Creative Director and Series Co-Producer of "DragonFlyTV," again for PBS Kids. She also co-produced SHOOT DOWN, a documentary feature about the political drama of two civilian Cessnas shot down by Cuban MiGs. Gloria briefly fell into the new media rabbit hole, when she became Editor of New Talk.org, an online forum dedicated to live discussions between experts and policymakers on the knottier problems of our time. Gloria's work has been shown on PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, HGTV, ESPN, TNT, and Comedy Central. (07/12)

A film by Maria Luisa Gambale & Gloria Bremer, Executive Produced by Steven Lawrence, 2011, 60 min., Color

Rapper, singer and activist, Sister Fa is hero to young women in Senegal and an unstoppable force for social change. A childhood victim of female geni...

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