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My Left Breast
A film by Gerry Rogers
Canada, 2000, 57 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W02759
“Every once in a while someone comes up with a film that sends us a clear signal that it's time to re-evaluate our lives. The film MY LEFT BREAST is not just for women living with breast cancer--it's for everyone.” – Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Incorporating a unique blend of wit, wisdom and resilience, filmmaker Gerry Rogers bravely recounts her story of breast cancer survival to share with the world that life, indeed, can continue with full force and vigor. Shortly after being diagnosed at age 42, Rogers began to document her ordeal on camera in an attempt to confront her own questions and fears about breast cancer. Rather than present a somber and morose meditation on this difficult experience, she decides to invoke humor to frankly reflect on the meaning of this disease on her life, as well as on the lives of her friends and family. The result is a one-of-kind approach to positively coping with a potentially fatal disease.

Rather than merely chronicling how one copes with an infirmity, MY LEFT BREAST serves as a model for overcoming every challenge and obstacle in life with clarity and honesty. In the same vein as the most highly regarded films on health, such as COMPLAINTS OF A DUTIFUL DAUGHTER, this powerful film intimately embraces the emotional challenges of disease, demonstrates acceptance and, above all, affirms life.


  • Gemini Award (Canadian Oscar) Winner - Best History/Biography Documentary & Best Direction in a Documentary
  • Hot Docs - Best Canadian Documentary
  • Inside Out, Toronto Lesbian & Gay Film Festival - Best Canadian Film/Video & Best Female Director
  • Dallas Int'l Gay and Lesbian Film Fest - Best Director, Best Documentary, c1TV Audience Award for Favorite Film
  • Nickel Independent Film Festival - Best Documentary
  • St. John's Intl Women F&V Festival - Best Documentary
  • Boulder Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Best Documentary
  • Chicago International Television Competition - Silver Hugo
  • Houston International Film Festival - Bronze Remi
  • Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival
  • SF, NY, LA, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Dallas, Austin, Ottowa, Vancouver, Toronto, Berlin Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals
  • Women in the Director's Chair
  • Doclands, Ireland's Documentary Film Festival
  • Banff Television Festival
  • Telescience Film Festival, Montreal
  • Cineffable, Paris Lesbian Film Festival

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    "An honest, heartwarming tale of a charming, witty and wonderful woman's outlook on life, love and breast cancer. It is an amazingly candid film, not to be missed."
    Rosie O'Donnell

    "...[a] straightforward picture of one woman's treatment for breast cancer...a loving and tender depiction of the relationships and community that helped her through it. Every woman would benefit from viewing 'My Left Breast.'"
    Susan Love, MD
    Author, Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book

    "Rogers demonstrates remarkable clarity and humor...An informative film about breast cancer, it also reveals, subtly and powerfully, the healing power of love."
    Chuck Wilson
    LA Weekly

    "...a documentary whose immediacy and stunning honesty were even more impressive on second viewing. I'll watch it a third time...it's that good. This is a lovely, artful piece of filmmaking that illuminates the ordeal of illness and delight of recovery with wit, wrenching honesty and hopeful humanism."
    Michelle Lansberg
    The Toronto Star

    "...intimate, starkly honest, humorous and inspiring - all at the same time."
    Susan Hiller
    The National Post

    "...probably one of the most powerful breast cancer stories you'll hear or see..."
    Marilyn Linton
    The Toronto Sun

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