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Remote Sensing
A film by Ursula Biemann
2001, 53 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W02764
In Biemann’s latest video, she traces the routes and reasons of women who travel across the globe for work in the sex industry. By using the latest images from NASA satellites, the film investigates the consequences of the U.S. military presence in southeast Asia as well as European migration politics. This video-essay takes an earthly perspective on cross-border circuits, where women have emerged as key actors and expertly links new geographic technologies to the sexualization and displacement of women on a global scale. By revealing how technologies of marginalization affect women in their sexuality, REMOTE SENSING aspires to displace and resignify the feminine within sexual difference and cultural representation.


  • Duisburg Film Festival
  • Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm
  • Lux Centre, London
  • Finger Lakes Envonmental Film Festival, Ithaca College
  • Feminale International Women's Film Festival, Cologne
  • Govett-Brester Art Gallery, New Zealand
  • Whitechapel Gallery, London

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    “An artistic triumph, Bieman's tape provides a searing account of the parasitic networks of global, sexual trafficking in the digital age.”
    Timothy Murray
    CoCurator of CTHEORY Multimedia, Cornell University

    “Biemann navigates a unique path through critical dialogues on the global sex trade, feminist geography and media activism and her video will become a natural resource for anyone interested in these areas."
    Lisa Parks
    Dept. of Film Studies, UC Santa Barbara

    "Hand in hand with her critique of digital technologies of visualization, Biemann constructs a thought-provoking visual rendering of instances of national impoverishment as well as of the strategies for economic development that rest on the exploitation of women’s sexual labor."
    Films for the Feminist Classroom

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    Ursula Biemann's Website
    Contains art and curatorial projects, books, videos and texts by Biemann on gender and geography.

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