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Speaking Out: Women, AIDS and Hope in Mali
A film by Joanne Burke
Mali, 2002, 55 minutes, Color, DVD, French, Subtitled
Order No. W03801
The fourth installment of Joanne Burke’s critically acclaimed NEW DIRECTIONS series on women's empowerment in developing countries, SPEAKING OUT presents a compelling case study on the impact of AIDS on women from Mali and the devastating effects the epidemic is having in Africa today. This critically acclaimed documentary profiles a remarkable HIV and AIDS support project in Bamako, Mali, sponsored by The Center for Care, Activity and Council for People Living with HIV (CESAC), and three brave women who tirelessly work on behalf of the infected community. Risking social ostracism and family rejection, Aminita, Oumou and Aissata are among a small group who dare to speak publicly about their HIV+ status. They help others with HIV, particularly women, by joining AFAS, the women's association for the support of widows and children of AIDS. Through their advocacy work they hope to demonstrate to the Mali government the desperate need for a more pro-active HIV and AIDS strategy. With the help of CESAC, these inspiring women are proving that an HIV+ diagnosis is not the end of life, but the start of a positive future for all African men and women.


  • San Francisco Black Film Festival

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    "…a rare and unparalleled teaching tool for courses in anthropology, international public health, women's studies, international affairs, and the medical humanities."
    Susan L. Erikson
    Global Health Affairs Program, University of Denver

    "The film covers the whole gambit of issues related to people living with AIDS -- social, cultural barriers, discrimination, stigma, gender, community-based strategies, orphans and treatment. It is excellent for stimulating discussion on key issues.”
    Dr. Clarence Hall

    "…compelling and important…I was genuinely moved."
    Steve Taravella
    Family Health International

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