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Ripples of Change
Japanese Women’s Search for Self
A film by Nanako Kurihara
US/Japan, 1993, 57 minutes, Color, 16mm/DVD, Subtitled
Order No. W99033
Powerful political analysis is combined with a passionate personal story in this exceptional documentary about the Japanese women’s liberation movement in the 1970’s and its influence on contemporary Japanese society. Director Nanako Kurihara left her homeland in the 1980’s, frustrated by the lack of interesting roles for women in Japan. In New York, she met a Japanese woman who had been involved in the women’s liberation movement in Japan in the 1970’s. Kurihara returned to Japan, bringing together interviews with veterans of the movement, fascinating archival footage and her personal impressions to produce a film which explores the meaning of the liberation movement, the factors that motivated it and the effect it has had on people’s attitudes. RIPPLES OF CHANGE is an excellent resource for the study of global feminism, women’s roles and Japanese society.


  • National Educational Film and Video Festival, Gold Apple
  • San Francisco Film Festival, Certificate of Merit
  • Tokyo Film Festival
  • London Film Festival
  • Margaret Mead Film Festival Margaret Mead Film Festival
  • San Fransisco Asian American Film Festival

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    “A powerful and daring work.”
    Kyoko Hirano
    Film Center, Japan Society

    “Fascinating, cross-culturally inspiring.”
    Robin Morgan
    Ms. Magazine

    “A unique opportunity for thought-processing the notable similarities in the US and Japanese movements towards sex/gender equity.”
    Library Journal

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