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Casablanca Calling
A film by Rosa Rogers
UK, 2014, 70 minutes, Color, DVD, Arabic, Subtitled
Order No. W141133
As political conflict and change sweep the Arab world, CASABLANCA CALLING highlights a quiet social revolution under way in Morocco, where 60% of the women have never attended school. For the first time, Moroccan women are trained and employed as official Muslim leaders or morchidat. Charged with teaching an Islam based on tolerance, compassion and equality, they provide vital support and guidance to communities, especially to girls and women.

At the film’s heart are Hannane, Bouchra and Karima, three morchidat assigned to mosques in different parts of Morocco. CASABLANCA CALLING follows them for a year on rounds to schools and other sites to provide advice on marriage and employment; champion education for girls and women; caution against early marriage; and help resolve personal problems. Offering unique access to a story we rarely see, this illuminating documentary demonstrates how women’s empowerment through moderate Islam is transforming a nation.


Indonesian International Women’s Film Festival - Award of Excellence

  • DOXA Vancouver
  • Global Peace Film Festival
  • One World Human Rights Film Festival
  • Women’s Film Festival Vienna
  • Berlin Feminist Film Festival

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    "A deeply meaningful and important film about a new, enlightened generation of Muslim women leaders who will undoubtedly change the future of women in Morocco."
    Caroline Libresco
    Sundance Film Festival

    “***1/2 Offering an inspiring look at a little-publicized effort at humanitarian reform within Islam, this is highly recommended.”
    Video Librarian

    “Their sense of feminist collectivity is so strong, it signals the beginnings of significant change, spreading throughout urban centres and rural villages, and seeping gradually into the greater public consciousness.”
    DOXA Film Festival

    "It is a most engaging, informative and hopeful film."
    Sarah Masters
    Hartley Film Foundation

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