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Birthright: A War Story
A film by Civia Tamarkin
US, 2017, 100 minutes, Color, DVD, English
Order No. W171207

BIRTHRIGHT: A WAR STORY is the real-life "Handmaid’s Tale." This urgent documentary examines how women are being jailed, physically violated and even put at risk of dying as a radical movement tightens its grip across America. The film tells the story of women who have become collateral damage in the aggressive campaign to take control of reproductive health care and to allow states, courts and religious doctrine to govern whether, when and how women will bear children. BIRTHRIGHT: A WAR STORY explores the accelerating gains of the crusade to control pregnant women and the fallout that is creating a public health crisis, turning pregnant women into criminals and challenging the constitutional protections of every woman in America.

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    “A timely new documentary."
    The Daily Beast

    "Birthright: A War Story packs a powerful message: that reproduction has become perilous for women in America."
    The New York Times

    "...a compelling documentary that is a must-see."
    Film Pulse

    "BIRTHRIGHT shows Big Brother in action, and at his most misogynistic."
    LA Times

    "To anyone who has watched “The Handmaid’s Tale”...and says it couldn’t happen today, the documentary “Birthright: A War Story” is a strong counterargument."
    Washington Post

    "Tamarkin's film is a must see for all; these issues should be spoken about and understood to further encourage a movement towards safe, unstigmatized women’s health care and protection in the United States and the world."
    The Colgate Maroon News

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