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Geek Girls
A film by Gina Hara, Produced by Michael Massicotte
Canada, 2017, 83 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W171210

Nerdy women - the "hidden half" of fan culture - open up about their lives in the world of conventions, video games, and other rife-with-misogyny pop culture touchstones. While geek communities have recently risen to prominence, very little attention is paid to geek women. Filmmaker Gina Hara, struggling with her own geek identity, explores the issue with a cast of women who live geek life up to the hilt: A feminist geek blogger, a convention-trotting cosplayer, a professional gamer, a video-game designer, and a NASA engineer. Through their personal experiences in the rich cultural explosion of nerdom, GEEK GIRLS shows both the exhilaration of newfound community and the ennui of being ostracized. These women, striving in their respective professions and passions, face the cyberbullying, harassment, and sexism that permeate the culture and the industry at large. A rich conversation-starter for any class on Pop Culture and Feminism.


  • Sheffield Film Festival
  • Urbanworld Film Festival
  • FIN Atlantic Film Festival
  • SciFi Film Festival
  • Central Scotland Documentary
  • Festival and Grand River Film Festival
  • Cleveland International Film Festival
  • Norrkoping Film Festival
  • Virginia Film Festival

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    "A celebration of girl gamers, girlhood, and geekdom."
    Vice ID

    "A film that celebrates diversity in geekdom while also maintaining a unified sense of wonder and sparking endless curiosity in the viewer about the film’s many brave, brilliant, whimsical women."
    Spectacular Optical

    "Geek Girls considers the empowerment of self-identifying as a geek in order to look closely at the simultaneous costs and dangers of that label. Geek Girls makes geek misogyny uncomfortably visible."
    Pause Button

    "An account of the abuses endured within the culture and a call to action to form new bonds within the community and fight back."
    Carbon Arc

    "Explores what it means to be a female nerd and how the role of this identification within popular culture is changing."
    Shooting People

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