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Women's Film Festivals

Athena Film Festival

Bird's Eye View Fest(UK)

Bitmap Black Women Film Festival

Blue Stocking Film Series

Breakthroughs Film Festival

Broad Humor

Davis Feminist FF

Elles Tournent Women’s Festival

Etheria Film Night

Everett Women's Film Festival

Female Eye Film Festival

Femcine: Festival Cine de Mujeres


Film Mor

Films De Femmes

Freiburger Lesben Filmtage

Fusion Film Festival

High Falls Film Festival

IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival

Image Of Black Women Film Festival

Internationales Frauen FF

International Film Festival

International Black Women’s Film Festival

L'Origine Del Mondo

LA Femme FF

Lady Filmmakers Film Festival

London Feminist Film Festival

London Lesbian Film Festival

Margaret Mead FF/NY

Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

Moondance International Film Festival

Mostra Internacional Films de Dones

Mujeres en Foco

Mumbai Women's International FF

Paris International Lesbian and Feminist FF

The Portland Women’s Film Festival

Post Alley Film Festival

Reel Affirmations: Washington DC's International LGBT Film Festival

Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival

Sarasota Film Festival

Season Film Festival

Through Women's Eyes FF

Tricky Women: Animation FF

Underwire 2001

United Nations Association Film Festival

Women + Film VOICES FF

Women's Film Festival (Brattleboro, VT)

Women's International Film and Arts Festival

Women in Film & Television (Vancouver)

Women of African Descent Film Festival

Gay & Lesbian Film Festivals

Adam Baran Honolulu Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival

Boston Gay & Lesbian Film/Video Festival

Cineffable- Paris Lesbian Film Festival

Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Fairy Tales Intl. Queer Film & Video Festival

Festival Du Film Gay Et Lesbien De Bruxelles

Freiburger Lesbenfilmtage E.V.

Houston Gay/Lesbian Film Festival

Image+Nation, Montreal's Queer Film Festival

Image Out: The Rochester Lesbian And Gay Film Festival

Immaginaria Internaltional Lesbian Film Festival

Inside Out Film Festival (Toronto)

Lesben Film Festival Berlin

Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg

London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Mardi Gras Film Festival

Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Mix: New York Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival

North Carolina Gay/Lesbian Film Festival

The New Festival - The New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Ohio Lesbian Festival

Out On Film Festival Atlanta's Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

Outfest: The Los Angeles Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

Out Takes: L/G Film Festival (Dallas)

Philadelphia Intl. Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Pittsburgh International Lesbian And Gay Film Festival

Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Q Cinema: Fort Worth's Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival


Reel Affirmations: Washington DC's International LGBT Film Festival

San Francisco International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Tampa International Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

Vancouver Queer Film Festival


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Additional Film Festival Lists

General Listing

Multicultural/Special Interest

Jewish Film Festivals

Short Films

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Independent Film Distributors

Arab Film Distribution
Arab Film Distribution provides American and Canadian theaters, universities, colleges, museums and media centers with Arab films of high artistic and educational value.

Artistic License
Film distribution company seeking films with strong potential in the competitive market place. Primarily works with feature films, recent examples include Afterlife and Ratcatcher.   

ArtMattan Productions
ArtMattan Productions distributes films that focus on the human experience of black people in Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe.

Bullfrog Films
An environmental right film company that exposes many excellent environmental and anti-nuke films that have been under-viewed because of their controversy.

California Newsreel
California Newsreel has over the years focused on developing media and audiences in order to broaden and deepen the discussion of selected social issues.

Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc.
Cambridge Documentary Film distributes social issue documentary work to colleges, universities, churches, business organizations, community and religious groups, and individuals around the world.

Canadian Filmmaker Resource Centre
Canada’s oldest artist-run organization is a prime disseminator of experimental, gay, and lesbian titles from around the world.  

Canyon Cinema
One of the world's leading distributors of experimental and independent film, Canyon is an artist-run organization dedicated to the support, promotion, distribution and preservation of motion picture film as an art form. 

The Cinema Guild
A for-profit distributor of nearly 500 titles representing a wide variety of independently produced films and videos, documentary and fiction, features and shorts, in all markets, including theatrical, semi-theatrical, television and home video.

Collective Eye Films
Collective Eye is an educational film distribution company which represents compelling films that build bridges between cultures and provide unique perspectives by exploring the untold stories of our time.

Electronic Arts Intermix
A resource for art videos and alternative media, EAI's collection spans an eclectic range of genres, styles, and themes, from performance-based and conceptual works to experimental narratives and CD-ROM projects.

Facets Multimedia, Inc.
Facets Multimedia is an arts organization based in Chicago, Illinois.  Facets also has the world’s largest and most unique collection of foreign, classic American, independent, experimental, documentary, cult, fine arts, and children’s videos and DVDs.

Films for the Humanities and Sciences 
The largest distributor of videos and CD-ROMs to schools, colleges, and libraries in North America. Represents every genre and style, but primary focus is documentaries. 

First Run/Icarus Films, Inc 
Distributors of documentary film and video in the U.S. and Canada, with a primary focus on non-theatrical markets. Took on the Fanlight collection of films on health issues a number of years ago. 

Frameline’s mission is to support, develop, and promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer visibility through media arts.    

Media Education Foundation
The Media Education Foundation produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources to inspire critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media.

Microcinema International
Microcinema International provides film, video and digital art to the International Microcinema Network, a syndicate of exhibition venues that program unique media in alternative venues around the world.

Milestone Films
The Milestone Film and Video collection ranges from the earliest days of cinema, to the golden age of the silents, to the postwar foreign film renaissance, to the new America independent features, documentaries  and foreign films.

New Day Films 
A national distribution cooperative of independent filmmakers making social issue films. Primarily work with colleges and universities, libraries, high schools, and community groups. 

Noodlehead Network 
Distributors and producers of videos made with kids. Specialize in videos on geography, video production, health and guidance issues for K-12 schools.

Paper Tiger Television
A weekly public access series that analyzes and critiques issues involving media, culture, and politics.

The home video arm of PBS promotes PBD programming via direct-to-consumer distribution services that include: shopPBS, the PBS Home Video catalog, on-air direct response sales, and third-party catalog and special market outlets. 

Phoenix Learning Group
The Phoenix Film and Video media library contains over 5,500 educational videos plus DVDs, CD-ROMs. Laserdiscs, and multi-media programs for K-12 schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, museums, business & industry, staff development and other specialized markets.

Porchlight Entertainment 
An independent distributor of films and TV focusing solely on programs that promote positive values and/or are family-friendly.

Seventh Art Releasing 
Theatrical distributor with a video label and a full-time world sales unit, working mostly in docs. 

Strand Releasing
Independent distribution company that handles shorts and feature films, especially those with lesbian and gay themes.

SubCine is an artist-run and artist-owned collective of Latino issue film and video makers.

Third World Newsreel 
A nonprofit media arts organization that fosters the creation and dissemination of independent film and video made by and about people of diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Also work with social justice media.  

Video Data Bank 
A nonprofit that has assembled and distributes one of the largest collections of videos by and about artists to museums, galleries, alternative spaces, festivals, and in curricular programming.  

V Tape 
A distribution system for media works by artists and independents, strongly committed to the medium of video and media artworks.  

Women Make Movies 
The world's largest distributor of films by and about women, is a non-profit feminist, multicultural media organization which provides services to both the producers and users of media by and about women. 

Zeitgeist Films
Since 1988, Zeitgeist Films has accumulated a collection of the best international cinema by working with the most talented and innovative filmmakers in the world.  Zeitgeist Films is a North American independent film distribution company based in New York.

Fiction Speciality Distributors

Focus Features
Focus Features is a motion picture production, financing, and worldwide distribution company committed to bringing moviegoers the most original stories from the world’s most innovative filmmakers.

Fox Searchlight Pictures
Fox Searchlight Pictures (a division of Fox Entertainment Group, Inc.) is principally engaged in the development, production and worldwide distribution of feature films and television programs, television broadcasting and cable network programming.

Sony Pictures Classics
Sony Pictures Classics is an autonomous company of Sony Pictures Entertainment that acquires, produces and distributes independent films from around the world.

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Online Distribution Platforms



BitTorrent Film Distribution

Vimeo on Demand



Snag Films


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Crowdsource Distribution

Gathr Films


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New York Media Organizations

The Brooklyn Arts Council
A service organization dedicated to helping artists, arts organizations, and community groups promote and sustain the arts.  It provides grants, resources, referrals, networking opportunities, and seminars.

Downtown Community Television
An independent non-profit media center that provides public access to the electronic media arts with an emphasis on helping marginalized communities that could not otherwise afford a media arts education, providing at-cost classes as well as the most advanced cameras and editing systems available.

Experimental Television Center
The Center’s mission is to support the creation of work using new technology by providing space, time, and funding to artists as well as to encourage informed appreciation of media art by supporting it’s exhibition.

Film Forum
A non-profit movie house for
independent premieres and repertory programming.

Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center
An art center and exhibition space located in Buffalo, Hallwalls mission is to bring the newest and most challenging work in the contemporary arts, including experimental film, video art, activism, and documentary film, to the interested public.

A non-profit organization that cultivates artistic talent through electronic technologies. Harvestworks programs provide the artist with production studios, grant opportunities, education, communal lab practice, and distribution.

Harlem Arts Alliance
Harlem Arts Alliance (HAA) is a not-for-profit arts service organization committed to nurturing the artistic growth and the development of artists and arts organizations based primarily in Harlem and its surrounding communities. 

The Kitchen
A multi-disciplinary presenting organization that provides visionary artists with much needed technical, artistic, and administrative resources for performances and exhibitions.

Millennium Film Workshop
A non-profit organization offering various programs and services such as filmmaking workshops and equipment access, which includes facilities for editing, screening and shooting, as well as continuously presenting on going film-talks and screenings. (New York)

New York Film and Video Council
A non-profit organization that provides the opportunity for a diverse cross-section of the New York media community to view new works, discuss major issues confronting the field, encounter new technologies, meet visiting producers, and share resources..

New York Foundation for the Arts
NYFA serves individual artists, promotes their freedom to develop and create, and provides the broader public with opportunities to experience and understand their work.

New York Women in Film and Television
A non profit membership organization dedicated to helping women reach the highest levels of achievement in film, television and other moving-image media industries, and to promoting equity for women in these industries.

Reel Women
A full service video and film production firm. Specialize in documentaries and magazine format programming as well as award wining travel documentaries across the globe.

Squeaky Wheel
A grassroots, non-profit media arts center, dedicated to promoting and supporting film, video, computer, digital, and audio art through providing low-cost access to video and film equipment rental, editing suites, workshops, and screenings of independent and avant-garde film and video.

The Standby Program allows artists and independent producers access to the highest quality post production facilities available. Services include editing, audio post production, DVD authoring, duplication and conversions, preservation restoration, film processing and film to tape.

Third World Newsreel
An alternative media arts organization committed to the creation and appreciation of independent and social issue media by and about people of color, and the peoples of developing countries around the world.  Provides distribution, fiscal sponsorship and workshops.

Visual Studies Workshop
A center for media studies, including photography, visual books, digital imaging, film, and video.  Artists residencies, access programs, and internships make the facilities available for the production of artworks and for scholarly research.

Regional Media Organizations

911 Media Arts Center
A Media Arts Center that supports the expressive use of innovative media tools by providing the access, training, and environment needed to create/exhibit works of enduring merit and artistic excellence. (Seattle, WA) 

Atlanta Film Festival 365
Atlanta Film Festival 365 (ATLFF365) is a membership-based 501(c)(3) arts non-profit with a mission to lead the community in creative and cultural discovery through the moving image. ATLFF365 presents a diverse slate of year-round offerings for film-lovers, filmmakers, and established & emerging industry professionals. Year round programs—screenings, events, discussions, workshops, panels, and educational activities, coupled with an interactive website, and engaged social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN & more)—provide a forum for building the community of film lovers and film supporters. (Atlanta, GA)

Austin Cinemaker Co-op
A non-profit film resource center, the Austin Cinemaker Co-op offers a variety of educational workshops, low-cost super 8 film equipment rental and film festivals throughout the year. (Austin, TX)

Bay Area Video Coalition
BAVC is the largest and most advanced independent media arts center in the country, providing workshops, training programs, equipment rental, editing suites, and tape preservation. (San Francisco, CA)

Community Art Center-Teen Media Program
The Teen Media Program offers production, promotion and distribution facilities for teens from the Cambridge area through mentoring, video training, media literacy courses and access to equipment. (Cambridge, MA)

Chicago Filmmakers
Chicago Filmmakers is a non-profit media arts organization that promotes opportunities for artists to create video and film media of social and political impact that will offer audiences images different from the ones reflected in the mainstream sphere by providing equipment access, classes, lectures and seminars, internships, outreach programs, production classes and workshops. (Chicago, IL)

Film North
Film North is a non-profit arts organization that encourages the diversity and quality of independent media production by providing media artist services, workshops, internships, consultations, exhibitions and access to facilities and equipment. (Minneapolis, MN)

Grand Rapids Community Media Center
Grand Rapids Community Media Center
offers tools and training in media through consultations, lecture series, workshops and internship programs. (Grand Rapids, MI)

Intermedia Arts
A nationally recognized organization that fosters dialogue between cultures through art, providing educational opportunities to youth and artists that provide participants with the artistic means to create dialogue. (Minneapolis, MN)

James River Film Society
A non-profit organization promoting and supporting media artists by offering information, resources, classes and workshops, equipment access and public screenings. (Richmond, VA)

Media Alliance
A  non-profit training and resource center for media workers, community organizations, and political activists. (San Francisco, CA)

Media Arts Center of Orange
The Media Arts Center of Orange offers professional, state-of-the-art video editing facilities, website design, DVD authoring and duplication services, software development, package design. (Orange, CT)

Nebraska Independent Film Projects
NIFP’s mission is to bring diversity to film, television and web audiences through the support of Nebraska's independent filmmakers and media artists.  NIFP supports film projects, acts as an advocate for filmmakers, and offers educational opportunities to filmmakers. (Lincoln, NE)

New Orleans Video Access Center
NOVAC’s mission is to foster the creation and appreciation of independent, non-commercial video by offering low-cost access to facilities, workshops, newsletters, consulting, projection, script assistance, production, and post production services and fiscal sponsorships. (New Orleans, LA)

Northwest Film Center
Founded to encourage the study, appreciation and utilization of the moving image and to foster artistic  excellence in the discipline, though providing a variety of film and video exhibitions and education programs. (Portland, OR)

Philadelphia Film Office
Greater Philadelphia Filmmakers serves artists by offering services such as seminars, training, networking opportunities, internships, resource organization and screenings. (Philadelphia, PA)

Philadelphia Independent Film/Video Association (PIFVA)
PIFVA is a non-profit organization that offers independent film, video and new media artists of all genres and levels of experience a variety of service programs including production assistance, instruction, mentoring, internships, networking opportunities and advocacy.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers
One of the oldest independent media organizations in the country, Pittsburgh Filmmakers offers programs in exhibition, equipment access, education and community outreach in their commitment to advancing artistic excellence in the media arts. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Real Art Ways
Offering audio-digital skills workshops, internships and community outreach programs, Real Art Ways is an alternative, multi-disciplinary organization that exhibits and promotes emerging and accomplished artists and their projects. (Hartford, CT)

Scribe Video Center
With a focus on engaging people of color, women, disabled and those with limited economic resources, Scribe Video Center is a non-profit video arts center located in Philadelphia that promotes the advancement of new media, film and video as tools for progressive social change through Fiscal Sponsorship programs, education, community outreach, production consultations and equipment access. (Philadelphia, PA)

Southwest Alternate Media Project
A non-profit media arts center, SWAMP promotes film, video, and new media through education, information and presentation activities. (Houston, TX)

The Austin Film Society
Dedicated to fostering the art of film and to supporting the creative vision of filmmakers; the Society screens films by independent filmmakers, holds workshops, and has a production fund. (Austin, TX)

The North West Film Forum
A non-profit organization that programs artistic film, houses a studio for use by up and coming film artists, and helps independent filmmakers each year through workshops, filmmaking grants, and access to production and post-production equipment. (Seattle, WA)

Women in Film
A nonprofit organization committed to promoting and enhancing the recognition of all professional women in the film and video industry as well as pursuing equitable treatment and opportunities. (Dallas, TX)

National Media Organizations

Asian American Arts Alliance
Founded to increase the support, recognition, and appreciation of Asian American arts by providing a centralized information network, vital resources and advocacy services, and ongoing technical assistance to Asian American artists and organizations.

Beyondmedia’s Women International Information Project
WIIP assists women in creating videos and web- sites that communicate their world views, share information about their economic and social initiatives, and facilitate political participation within their constituencies.  (Chicago, IL)

Center For Independent Documentary
The Center collaborates with independent producers to create films and videos on issues of contemporary social and cultural concern and is committed to the successful completion and distribution of these projects, through contributing production equipment, access to discounted post-production facilities, providing fundraising assistance, distribution assistance, fiscal sponsorship, creative, and even moral support.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
A private, non-profit corporation that funds more than 1,000 locally operated
public radio stations and public television stations across the country and the production of independent educational programming.

Independent Filmmaker Project
IFP is a not-profit service organization dedicated to providing resources, information, and avenues of communication for its members: independent filmmakers, industry professionals, and independent film enthusiasts. They hold workshops and large-scale conferences.

Independent Television Service
ITVS brings independently produced programs to television, programs that engage creative risks, advance issues, and represent points of view not usually seen on commercial or public television.

The National Alliance For Media Arts And Culture
NAMAC is a non-profit association composed of organizations who provide a wide range of support services for independent media, including media education, production, exhibition, distribution, collection building, preservation, criticism, and advocacy.  

International Sales Agents

Ampersand (France)

Autlook Filmsales (Austria)

Andana Films (France)

Arte (France)

Autentiic (Germany)

Beyond Distribution (UK)

Cat & Docs (France)

Celluloid Dream (France)

Cinephil (Israel)

Deckert Distribution (Germany)

Doc & Film International (France)

Dogwoof Global (UK)

Dreamlab Films (France)

DR International Sales (Denmark)

Filmoption (Canada)

Films Boutique (Germany)

First Hand Films (Switzerland and Germany)

Forward Entertainment (US)

GA&A International (Italy)

Go2films (Israel)

HanWay Films (UK)

Illumina Films (The Netherlands)

Java Films (France)

JMT Film Distribution (Israel)

Kinosmith (Canada)

Kudos Family Distribution (Norway)

Le Pacte (France)

Les films du 3 mars (Canada)

Looking Glass International (Australia)

Louise Rosen LTD (US)

NPO/RNW Sales (The Netherlands)

Nordic World (Norway)

Off the fence (The Netherlands)

Paul Thiltges Distribution (Luxembourg)

Rise and Shine World Sales (Germany)

Ro*co Films International (US)

Ronin Films (Australia)

Ruth Diskin Films (Israel)

SD Cinematografica (Italy)

Sideway Film, LTD (UK)

SND Films (The Netherlands)

Submarine Entertainment (US)

SVT Sales (Sweden)

Taskovski Films, LTD (UK)

Telepool (Germany)

Trustnordisk (Denmark)

Vantage Media International (US)

Wavelength Picture (UK)

Wide House (France)

Wide Management (France)

Windrose International (France)

The Yellow Affair (Sweden)

Zed (France)


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Additional Links

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Anthology Film Archives

California Lawyers for the Arts

Directors Guild of America, Inc.

Film Fatales NYC
A collective of female filmmakers based in New York City.

Fair Use Project

Filmmakers Alliance

Film Forum

Hudson Valley Film Commission


International Documentary Association


Kids Guide to Making Movies

LGBTQ College Guide

Melbourne Video Production
Offers a glossary of video terminology for beginners.

The National Alliance for Media and Culture (NAMAC)

Peerspace is an online marketplace for unique spaces that can be utilized for a variety of creative and productive uses. Whether you’re looking to book a film shoot, hold a casting session, collaborate with colleagues, host a screening, or throw a wrap party, Peerspace is the first platform to easily find and book space for any of your production needs, on any budget. 

Quad Cinema

Screen Actors Guild


Welcome Change
Welcome Change is a small independent documentary production company owned by Academy Award® nominated director Alice Elliott. Since 1991, Welcome Change has been making films that focus on people with disabilities and communities that are reinventing themselves. Our mission is to lead social change by revealing the big stories hidden in the human heart.

Writers Guild of America, East

Writers Guild of America, West

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