Siberian Love

A film by Olga Delane

Germany | 2016 | 82 minutes | Color | Russian | Subtitled | Order No. 171203


In rural Siberia, romantic expectations are traditional and practical. The man is the head of the household. The woman takes care of the housekeeping and the children. But filmmaker Olga Delane doesn’t agree. While she was born in this small Siberian village, as a teenager she migrated to Berlin with her family, and 20 years of living in Germany has changed her expectations. SIBERIAN LOVE follows Delane home to her community of birth, where she interviews family and neighbors about their lives and relationships. Amusing and moving, this elegant film paints a picture of a world completely outside of technology, a hard-farming community where life is hard and marriage is sometimes unhappy—but where there are also unexpected paths to joy and family togetherness. Through clashing ideals of modern and traditional womanhood, SIBERIAN LOVE is a fascinating study of a country little known in the US and of a rural community that raises questions about domesticity, gender expectations, domestic abuse, childcare, and romance. Excellent for anthropology, women's studies, sociology, Russian and Eastern European Studies.


  • Margaret Mead Film Festival
  • IDFA, International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam
  • Docs Barcelona
  • International Filmfestival Keral
  • Seattle Film Festival


Olga Delane

Olga Delane, born in 1977 in Krasnokamensk, is a photographer, editor and director. During the last five years she took several trips through Siberia for her photo, video and movie projects. Her first documentary feature-length film, Endstation Krasnokamensk "Ein Heimatbesuch" (Final Destination Krasnokamensk ) ran successfully in many German art-house cinemas. (6/17)


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