Deeyah Khan’s AMERICA’S WAR ON ABORTION wins a BAFTA Award!

Forthcoming WMM release AMERICA’S WAR ON ABORTION (dir. Deeyah Khan) has won a BAFTA TV 2021 award in the Current Affairs category. The film examines abortion clinics under siege from fundamentalist Christian protesters and meets doctors who face an ever-present threat of violence, even murder, from anti-abortion fanatics. Filmed in a deeply intimate style akin to her previous film, WHITE RIGHT: LEAVING EXTREMISM BEHIND, also a WMM release, Khan captures the contradictions and conflicts of the people on the frontlines of abortion.  

AMERICA’S WAR ON ABORTION will soon be available to for purchase and screenings from WMM. Congratulations Deeyah and team!  

Watch Deeyah Khan’s acceptance speech below and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know of its release. 


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