Peabody Award Nomination for LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING

LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING, directed by Lisa Cortés and supported by WMM’s Production Assistance Program, has been nominated for an esteemed Peabody Award. The Peabody Awards, which recognize superior storytelling in media, selected their nominees from a pool of over 1,100 entries that encompass a wide array of themes and current issues. This documentary captures the indelible impact of Little Richard on music and culture, spotlighting his iconic role in shaping the sound and spirit of the times.

Also nominated in the same category is JUDY BLUME FOREVER, co-directed by Program Alum Davina Pardo.

The winners will be celebrated at an in-person ceremony on June 9 in Los Angeles, a significant event marking the Peabody’s return to a live venue since 2019 and their first ceremony ever in Los Angeles. Read the official press release here.


From the Official Press Release:

“Little Richard: I Am Everything” (CNN Films, MAX and Magnolia Pictures)
Little Richard: I Am Everything depicts the Black, queer origins of rock ‘n’ roll—and its usurpation by white artists–that started with Richard Penniman, aka Little Richard. Through archival and performance footage, as well as interviews, the documentary tells the story of Little Richard’s life, a story he couldn’t completely reveal himself.
CNN Films, MAX, and Magnolia Pictures

“Judy Blume Forever” (Prime Video)
Young adult author Judy Blume has influenced generations of readers. This documentary examines her impact on pop culture as well as the controversies that have erupted over her honesty about puberty and sex, which are newly relevant in an age of increasing book bans across the country.
Amazon MGM Studios, Imagine Documentaries

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