Director of TIKTOK, BOOM. Speaks to CNN About Powerful Algorithms and Teen’s Mental Health

The TikTok social media platform has been making headlines as it is threatened with a potential United States ban. Yesterday, lawmakers grilled the CEO of TikTok about mounting concerns over data and national security and TIKTOK, BOOM. and CODED BIAS director Shalini Kantayya spoke to CNN about social media algorithms and their effect on teens’ mental health.  

Shalini says, “I think what is more important here, is a set of standards for health and safety across the tech industry for all social media companies. And I think TikTok is in the crossfire hairs in the moment because it happens to be the first global social media app to eclipse Silicon Valley that comes from a country that is not democratic.”  

TIKTOK, BOOM. balances a genuine interest in the TikTok community and its innovative mechanics with a healthy skepticism around the security issues, global political challenges, and racial biases behind the platform.   

Kantayya engages in the space where technology meets, amplifies, and opposes our humanity. Her incisive, current look at the power and complexity of tech continues to advance a conversation that is bettered by her careful stewardship. 

TIKTOK, BOOM. is available for institutions to purchase and to book for screenings, and the filmmaker, Shalini Kantayya, is available to book for Q&As! 




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