Adelaida Trujillo  

Adelaida Trujillo studied anthropology in Colombia, and film and television direction and production in the UK, at the London International Film School and the BBC, also with a British Council scholarship. She worked for a year in the BBC's Music and Arts Department, as an associate producer and researcher for the series Made in Latin America, directed by award winning Mike Dibb.

Co-founder of Citurna, she has been involved in all the projects produced, either on the direction or production side. Adelaida is Vice President of the New Latin American Cinema Corporation based in Bogotá, member of the planning group for the Rockefeller Foundation's Communication for Social Change Network.

She keeps sane by combining "hard docs" with producing children's programs and raising her two kids, Pablo and Violeta, 7 and 5. (09/09)

Available Title(s):

War Takes

A film by Adelaida Trujillo, 2002, 78 min, Color

With conflicts raging on nearly every continent, war now regularly transcends the battlefield into everyday life - whether its increased security at airports or infringements on personal privacy. In WAR TAKES, Colombian filmmakers Adelaida Trujillo and Patricia Castaño turn the cameras on themselves to portray the tough realities of civil life in the violent, war-ravaged…

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