Alexis Krasilovsky  

After studying film history at Yale University, Alexis Krasilovsky embarked on a career as an independent filmmaker and holographer. She later received an MFA in Film/Video from California Institute of the Arts.

In addition to writing and directing the film, SHOOTING WOMEN, Alexis is the author of the book "Great Adaptations: Screenwriting and Global Storytelling” (Routledge – 2nd Place Winner, 2019 International Writers’ Awards). Under the pseudonym Alexis Rafael, she wrote "Sex and the Cyborg Goddess,” a portrait of a filmmaker as a young woman facing sexual harassment – winner of the 2018 Irwin Award for Best #MeToo Novel of the Year. She is also co-author of the book, "Shooting Women: Behind the Camera, Around the World," by Harriet Margolis, Alexis Krasilovsky and Julia Stein (Intellect Press, UK; U Chicago Press, October 2015, available in paperback and eBook here and via Amazon).

Krasilovsky was the first to include the film techniques of zooming and dissolving in a motion picture hologram, CREATED AND CONSUMED BY LIGHT (1975). Her pro-choice hologram, CHILDBIRTH DREAM, was exhibited at the Georges Pompidou Center and other museums and festivals here and abroad.

As head of her own production company – Rafael Film, LLC – Krasilovsky has written, directed and produced numerous documentaries, video-poems and art films, including END OF THE ART WORLD, EXILE, WHAT MEMPHIS NEEDS and BLOOD, reviewed in the Los Angeles Times as "in its stream-of-consciousness way, more powerful than Martin Scorsese’s ‘Taxi Driver.’" Her global documentary feature, WOMEN BEHIND THE CAMERA, won five Best Documentary awards, as well as a Tribute Award for achievement in independent cinema from the San Francisco Women’s Film Festival and a lifetime achievement award from the Gdansk DocFilm Festival. Krasilovsky’s most recent film, THE PARKING LOT OF DREAMS (2021) addresses the isolation of the pandemic through poetry.

Meeting other filmmakers at festivals around the world that have screened her work compelled Krasilovsky to think transitionally and transculturally, exploring the perils and pleasures of pastry in PASTRIOLOGY (2013) and LET THEM EAT CAKE (2014) with the help of co-producers and unit producers from Bangladesh, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the Republic of Guinea, Turkey and other countries.

Alexis Krasilovsky is Professor in the Department of Cinema and Television Arts at California State University, Northridge, where she has taught film production, screenwriting and media theory and criticism.

Krasilovsky is a member of the Alliance of Women Directors, the International Documentary Association, GreenLight Women, Women in Film, and the Writers Guild of America. (09/21)

Available Title(s):

Shooting Women

A film by Alexis Krasilovsky, 2008, 54 min, Color

Featuring more than 50 camerawomen from around the world, and shot over a period of six years, SHOOTING WOMEN, by pioneering filmmaker and cinema studies professor Alexis Krasilovsky, celebrates the amazing talent and unflinching spirit of image-making women from the sets of Hollywood and Bollywood to the war zones of Afghanistan. This internationally-acclaimed documentary, based…

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