Aubree Bernier-Clarke

Aubree Bernier-Clarke is a non-binary director and cinematographer based in Los Angeles. After spending her teenage years in punk bands in Louisville, KY, Aubree chased her riot grrrl dreams to Portland, OR where, after a stint as Sleater-Kinney's tour nanny, she traded her musical aspirations for celluloid dreams. There, Aubree was mentored by director Lance Bangs and worked as a camera operator on the IFC hit Portlandia. In 2013, she relocated to Los Angeles to participate in AFI's Directing Workshop for Women, through which she developed her first original short, THE NIGHT IS OURS. Aubree is committed to using film to tell diverse stories, often focusing on LGBTQI and social justice issues. She is currently in production on a feature film collaboration with intersex activist Pidgeon Pagonis. Aubree uses she/her and they/them pronouns. (10/19)

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