Bonnie Burt  

Bonnie Burt has been making intimate, personal documentary films for 20 years. Her films have been screened at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Lincoln Center and have been shown at film festivals around the world. Her films include: A HOME ON THE RANGE: THE JEWISH CHICKEN RANCHERS OF PETALUMA, SONG OF A JEWISH COWBOY, (a companion piece to A Home on the Range), ABRAHAM AND EUGENIA: STORIES FROM JEWISH CUBA, (part of a trilogy of films which documents the “Special Period” in Cuba after the fall of the Soviet Union), TREES CRY FOR RAIN and STRONG LOVE. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. (01/20)

Available Title(s):

My Sister, My Bride

A film by Bonnie Burt, 2004, 26 min, Color

As the issue of gay marriage grips the country, this touching documentary follows the heartwarming and historic journey of two Jewish lesbians as they seek to celebrate their commitment to one another. Partners for five years, Farrell and Caren simply want to officially acknowledgment of their relationship like any other couple in love. Supported by…

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