Cynthia Connop  

Cynthia is the founder and co-facilitator of the Living Love workshop program. Cynthia has been exploring transformational work for over 25 years, is a personal growth facilitator and documentary filmmaker. She has facilitated numerous workshops – including the Heart of Woman, Meeting the Muse and culminating in the Living Love program for Men and Women, which is inspired by author and teacher David Deida.

Cynthia is passionate about creating an awakened, loving planet. Her pioneering film projects include the feature documentary SACRED SEX, the David Deida video SPIRIT SEX LOVE, AND SPIRITUAL TERRORIST on the Indian mystic, Osho. Her most recent film BLOODLINES (ABC TV) explores a healing encounter between two women from both sides of the Holocaust.

In her private consultations Cynthia draws on her skills in masculine/feminine polarity, sacred sexuality, voice dialogue, creativity coaching and the yoga of love. (8/14)

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A film by Cynthia Connop, 2008, 52 min, Color

Bettina Goering, grandniece of Hermann Goering, has long tried to bury the dark legacy of her family history. Painter Ruth Rich, a daughter of Holocaust survivors, cannot resolve her deep-rooted anger over the suffering of her parents and the loss of an older brother in the Holocaust. Bettina seeks out Ruth in an attempt to…

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