Cynthia Madansky  

Cynthia Madansky (co-producer, director, writer) is a filmmaker, visual artist, and graphic designer. She recently completed a conceptual art installation entitled "On the Jewish Question." In 1995, she also made two short films: INTERNAL COMBUSTION (distributed by Video Data Bank) in collaboration with Alisa Lebrow, and WE AT HER, shown at the Jerusalem Cinematheque and screened at the prestigious Feminale in Cologne, 1996. In 2002, she completed another film, PAST PERFECT which premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Madansky is a graduate of the Cooper School of Art, Whitney Independent Study Program, Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, and has completed her MFA at the Mason Gross School of Art, Rutgers University. Her films have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art and her other work in East and West Jerusalem, Caracas, Sydney, Paris, Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco, and NYC.

She has recently finished 1+8, documenting life in Turkey and the eight surrounding countries. (8/14)

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A film by Cynthia Madansky, 1998, 55 min, Color

TREYF —“unkosher” in Yiddish— is an unorthodox documentary by and about two Jewish lesbians who met and fell in love at a Passover “seder”. With personal narration, real and imagined educational films, and haunting imagery, filmmakers Alisa Lebow and Cynthia Madansky examine the Jewish identity of their upbringings and its impact on their lives. Incisive…

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