Ermena Vinluan

Producer-Director Ermena Vinluan produced the award winning 16mm dramatic short, "Frog Baby" (John Outcalt, director). She was script consultant for Su-City Pictures then worked as Kuzui Enterprises' office manager, assisting in film acquisitions for Japan and in post-production for the company's 35mm feature, "Tokyo Pop" (Fran Rubel Kuzui, director). She also produced concerts and records for Paredon Records (now in the Smithsonian Institute collection); was Associate Director of the U.C. Berkeley Jazz Program; and Artistic Director for California-Hawaii-based Sining Bayan community theatre group. She was on the board of directors of FilCRA/Filipino Civil Rights Advocates prior to her death in 2018. (08/18)

Available Title(s):

Tea & Justice NYPD's 1st Asian Women Officers

A film by Ermena Vinluan, 2010, 55 min., Color
TEA & JUSTICE chronicles the experiences of three women who joined the New York Police Department during the 1980s—the first Asian women to become mem...

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