Guillaume Suon  

Guillaume Suon is a young French-Cambodian filmmaker. For more than 4 years, he has worked with Cambodian filmmaker and producer Rithy Panh, directing documentary films about Cambodia’s history and contemporary society.

His first film, About My Father, reached a national audience of 100,000 people, was screened in a dozen of international film festivals, and broadcast on the international French-speaking television channel TV5 Monde.

Guillaume Suon is an alumni of the Berlinale Talent Campus and a fellow of the Sundance Institute and the IDFAcademy. (4/13)

Available Title(s):

Red Wedding: Women Under the Khmer Rouge

A film by Guillaume Suon, 2012, 58 min, Color

The Killing Fields in Cambodia became known to the world but little is known about the struggles of the women left behind. From 1975-79, Pol Pot’s campaign to increase the population forced at least 250,000 young Cambodian women to marry Khmer Rouge soldiers they had never met before. Sochan Pen was one of them. At…

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