Hiroko Yamazaki  

Director and filmmaker Hiroko Yamazaki was born in Osaka, Japan and is a multi-disciplinary artist whose diverse interests eventually coalesced in filmmaking. After briefly working in advertising, she moved to the U.S. to realize her dream of becoming a filmmaker. Yamazaki attended film programs, first in New York, and then at UCLA. In 1989, she completed the feature documentary JUXTA. The film examines generational racism in the lives of Japanese women and American servicemen from the 1950s through the 1980s. JUXT won a Motion Picture Association of America Award and was featured at the New York Asian American Film Festival. (10/09)

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A film by Hiroko Yamazaki, 1989, 29 min, BW

This beautiful drama observes the psychological effects of racism on two children of Japanese women and American servicemen. Thirty-one year old Kate, the daughter of a Japanese/white mixed marriage visits her childhood friend, Ted, a Japanese-Black American. Together they confront the memory of her mother’s tragic story in this telling, emotionally nuanced journey into the…

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