Jennifer Dworkin  

LOVE & DIANE is Jennifer Dworkin’s first film. Jennifer was born in New York but grew up in England, returning to the United States for college. She has an MA and is pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at Cornell University but is currently on leave. Her research was on the subject of conscious access and self-knowledge. She is the recipient of several research fellowships and was awarded the 1997 Fellowship for Excellence in Research and Academic Promise in the Cognitive Sciences from Cornell University. Jennifer Dworkin has known some members of the family portrayed in LOVE & DIANE since 1989, when she taught photography workshops for children in NYC Tier II shelter system. These workshops grew into a program teaching kids still photography and filmmaking with Super 8 cameras. She has worked extensively as a volunteer and group leader for several children’s charities. Jennifer learned filmmaking in the course of making this documentary (over many years). (09/09)

Available Title(s):

Love & Diane

A film by Jennifer Dworkin, 2002, 155 min, Color

Jennifer Dworkin’s groundbreaking documentary LOVE & DIANE presents a searingly honest and moving examination of poverty, welfare and drug rehabilitation in the United States today. Filmed in New York City over a five-year period, Dworkin documents the struggles of three generations of the Hazzard family as they face a myriad of emotional, financial and personal…

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